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We Think Twice amplifies the voice of this generation. We are a movement designed with teens for teens. Over 500 teens like you have made We Think Twice what it is today by participating in our online teen forum. They selected the campaign title, logo, and colors, and have provided input on quizzes, videos, social media posts, and more! 

Now you can weigh in, too.

Be bold. Be heard. Help shape We Think Twice.

You can help shape the campaign by becoming a We Think Twice Insider. 

  • You must be 13–19 years old to join.
  • If you join, you will earn points by providing feedback on new ideas, designs, and products for the We Think Twice campaign. 
  • You can redeem these points for up to $30 in gift cards (to stores of your choice)! 
  • You can participate in activities anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Get started!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the We Think Twice Insiders website and complete your profile. Add an avatar image. It can be of anything: your Bitmoji, your pet, or you!
  2. Under 18 years of age? Have your parent complete a consent form. If you’re 18 or older, you can skip this part.
  3. Complete your own participation form. You must do this no matter what your age.

Your voice matters, and we want to hear it. 

Shape the Campaign

> 500
young people across the United States

have helped shape We Think Twice so far, and still growing!

Why should you join the We Think Twice Insiders? Here's what our members have to say:

It is a safe space for teens to discuss interesting things and contribute to something bigger than themselves. It's also fun because I get to read and write things I normally wouldn't.

For me, I would say the best experience came from trying to listen and talk about things I normally wouldn't be able to otherwise. It's been great!

I like the fact that there are so many things to do if I check in occasionally, and that can help take my mind off things.

It's been really interesting getting to talk with a lot of different people from all across the country and that experience is unique.

It lets me talk about what it's like to be a teenager and feel like I'm actually helping to make things better for other teens. It definitely helps me feel less like adults just rope all teens together as moody, impulsive almost-adults. Another pro is that we get compensation for our time, which is really cool.

With Teens
For Teens

Learn how teens have helped shape We Think Twice. 

March 2018
Icon with hand holding smartphone

Discovery Sessions

We met with young people in 5 states to discuss how they use social media. 
May 2018
Icon of laptop with person and chat bubble on it

Online Community

We launched the We Think Twice Insiders community, an online platform of teens working to help shape the campaign.
August 2018
Icon of lightbulb

Campaign Name

Teens chose the campaign name and concept: We Think Twice.
October 2018
Chat bubble icons

Core Messages

We incubated and tested campaign messages with members of the We Think Twice Community.
December 2018
Icon of color palette and paint brush


Teens selected the campaign logo, graphics, and color palette. 
January 2019
Icon of hand clicking star buttons


Teens ranked ideas for new content, products, and engagement strategies. 
April 2020
icon showing a group of people listening to music

Playlist Contest

Teens nominated 36 motivational songs for a playlist to inspire changemakers working towards their goals. 
November 2020
Quote icon

Motivational Quote Giveaway

A total of 127 teens shared 226 of their favorite quotes that inspire them to reach their goals.
January 2021
icon of a canvas with paint

Create Your Future Arts Contest

152 teens shared their 2021 goals through painting, drawing, digital art, and photography. View their artwork in the Inspiration Gallery!
icon showing a process


We continue testing and refining the campaign based on feedback from teens.